The intersection of Wilson and Glebe Blvd
Ballston is a thriving destination with all the hustle and bustle of a busy downtown. That was the goal some 30 years ago when this neighborhood was envisioned as a “new downtown” in central Arlington. Located at the western end of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, Ballston is a major transportation hub and boasts one of the nation’s highest concentrations of scientific research agencies, including the Office of Naval Research, the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Anchored by the busy Ballston-Marymount University Metro station, this neighborhood seems to have it all — tall office and residential buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants and attractive open spaces. Just a few blocks away, the urban vibe transforms into quiet residential neighborhoods with parks and single-family homes.

Condo 1 Ballston Picks and Pans


SER Restaurant – Great Spanish comfort foods. Try the sangria roja in the cute little bottles!

Sidekick Bakery – Pricey, but… wow!  And those pop tarts…

Ted’s Bulletin – Fantastic everything, great prices, interior could use some noise-dampening.  But three thumbs up.

New Ballston Quarter Food Court – Not your typical mall food trough!  Carefully curated with well-known DC-based chef-inspired cuisines.

Punchbowl Social – Three levels of ….. EVERYTHING!  Dinner, karaoke, skeeball, you name it.  It’s Chuck E. Cheese for Millenials!

True Food – The Hip Healthy Restaurant for the In-Crowd.  Everyone loves it except the president of Condo 1.

Taylor Gourmet – A new location! Local sub chain that began on H St, has opened its doors in Ballston and it is as popular as ever!

Harris Teeter – A great grocery chain you will now find throughout the area with roots in Charlotte. Best grocery shopping along the Orange line if you don’t want to pay Whole Foods prices!

Kettler Iceplex – On the backside of Ballston Mall (sorry, that’s now Ballston QUARTER!) is where the Washington Capitals practice. Locals can drop by and watch Ovechkin and the rest of the team get ready for the next big game or rent some skates and enjoy the ice!

Total Wine – It’s finally here! No more driving to Springfield to buy beer in bulk!


Wilson Blvd Construction:  Will it ever end???

A-Town – Ballston’s bane of its existence…Never mind – it’s gone now!

Will Ballston be the new, overcrowded Clarendon with no parking and nonstop crowds?  Prolly….

True Food – OK, this stuff is way too weird for Tom

P.F. Chang’s – The worst one in the world.


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