The skyscrapers of Rosslyn define Arlington’s majestic skyline. With towering office buildings and luxury condominiums, this urban village has been at the cutting edge of development. It’s home to some of Arlington’s most recognizable office buildings, like the Twin Towers buildings, as well as high-rise apartments and condos, and a mix of smaller buildings. Just across the Key Bridge from Washington, D.C., Rosslyn is the gateway to Arlington and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Two decades ago, planners envisioned Rosslyn as a competitive first-class urban center with superior architecture and excellent urban design. Today, that vision has been realized. Rosslyn is a thriving commercial center and many well known businesses have offices here, including The Boeing Company, Nestle, Raytheon and WJLA-TV. The neighborhood boasts more than 8 million square feet of office space, 2,100 hotel rooms, several urban parks and numerous restaurants and with the arrival with the new Central Place, there are soon to be many more restaurants, shops and businesses to come!

Condo 1 Rosslyn Picks and Pans


Sfoglina – The newest awesome addition to Rosslyn dining.  World-class pasta.  Make a reservation.  In the lobby of the skyscraper at the corner of Wilson and Fort Myer Drive.  Not cheap, but …. mmmmmmmm.  Four stars from Tom.

Pho 75 – This destination for Pho has been a neighborhood fixture for many years. There are certainly no frills, but you get amazing Pho soup for a great deal!

District Taco – What originally started out famously as a taco truck became a small  franchise of brick and mortar stores. This well-loved local favorite just opened their latest store in Rosslyn.

Tacos el Chilango – Best tacos in the DMV!  At $2.50/taco… can’t beat that!

Barley Mac – This Whiskey-centric bar is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Great pizza and wonderful short-ribs! Same owners as Don Titos up the road, but featuring a much more mature atmosphere!

Guajillo – Authentic Mexican comida, great margaritas and cosy location!

Guerra – Tucked away in the weird strip mall next to 7-Eleven.  Not cheap, but amazing steaks.  Try their Smoky Old-Fashioned to start the meal off right!

Quarterdeck – Still a neighborhood favorite after all these decades.

Target – A little express Target… just what North Arlington was lacking!


The Safeway in the underground garage – Service, quality and presentation to rival the best of the Soviet Union circa 1973.
Too many Starbucks! There are 4 Starbucks in nearly one city block. We enjoy our coffee as much as the next person, but this may be a bit of overkill!

Piola Pizza and Cafe Asia – We miss them terribly!  RIP!

That restaurant space in the bottom of Turnberry Tower.  Just can’t keep one in business!  Hopefully the new Asian one will succeed!

Quarterdeck again – Good food, dismal service.

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