Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I get for the monthly management fee?

•  Wide marketing exposure – the Realtor Multiple Listing System, and 100+ affiliated websites (such as Trulia/Zillow/etc.)

•  Conscientious collection of rents

•  Pursuit of delinquent accounts and attorney on retainer to handle difficult tenants and/or evictions

•  24/7 owner access to account online

•  Premium rates with long-term vetted vendors

•  Preparation of lease extensions at minimal charge

How long will my property take to rent?

Much depends on the competition at a specific point in time.

We analyze current market trends and recommend the best price for your specific property under present conditions.

Proper pricing, fine property appearance and targeted marketing efforts help to produce quick rentals.

Our entire office meets weekly to reevaluate the pricing and marketing situation for each individual property.

Can my property manager pay other bills on my behalf?

Of course! We can pay for condo fees, mortgages, property taxes, utility bills, etc.

How do owners get paid?

We can disburse your rent proceeds to any account you designate to receive funds.

Disbursements can be made by check or via ACH.

How do tenants remit rent?

Tenants are generally encouraged to pay online through our AppFolio tenant portal. Most tenants no longer send checks.

What happens if they want to send checks?

We take them, of course.

What about tenant maintenance requests?

Our tenant online portal allows tenants to contact us 24/7 with maintenance issues.

And we have a hotline for nighttime emergencies.

Where is your office located?

We are in the heart of Clarendon, right in the middle of our primary market area. We can be at most of our properties within five minutes, sometimes even by foot!

What does professional management cost?

Typically 7% for condominiums and 8% for houses.

That is much less than every company I researched. How is that possible?

We operate in a very tight geographic area. In some high-rise condominium buildings we manage a dozen units. This gives us economies of scale that other firms don’t have.

Will you contact me when expensive repairs are needed?

When completing the management agreement you will determine the dollar level for notification of owner. Most owners prefer to be contacted for expenses over $500 but ask us to evaluate and approve those under $500.

But the number is up to you. Some owners want to be contacted for every expense item and some don’t want to be contacted for anything! You, the owner, decide.

How are things handled if I’m overseas?

We are using a new thing called the internet! With that, it doesn’t matter whether you are next door or in Kazakhstan! We have clients in countries all over the world. Except North Korea.